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When it comes to marketing, Orlando is really a segmented town. At its core, you have businesses at the east end of town that predominantly cater to the local community including UCF & Research Park. The metro landscape is dotted by smaller municipalities such as Winter Park, Maitland, Oviedo, etc. Downtown Orlando is your typical business hub creating a skyline of a dozen or so tall office buildings fragmented around Lake Eola. At night, much of downtown comes alive with a fair number of nightclubs, especially along the famed Church Street Station. The west side of town is Orlando’s alter ego. Here the tourist industry rules the roost with Disney, Universal Studios, Sea World, and International Drive & Kissimmee at the helm. For small local Orlando vendors, going after the tourist market can be an expensive endeavor and for most should be a secondary venture. As I’d like to focus this article on the local customers and local businesses, I’m not going to really spend much time discussing marketing to tourists in town. Considering the economy, it’s a rough business to be in and I’ll probably devote a second article to that later. I will suggest if you insist on going after the tourist market, the only tourist business any local vendor will want to go after are tourists already here.

Why am I telling you all of this? Well, with respect to marketing, Orlando is not your average city. We are very tourist heavy on one side and Local Business heavy on the other. It’s unique in the sense that you can literally draw a dividing line between both sides. Here, you need to keep your marketing compartmentalized dark web links. Know your target market and let your marketing focus geo-target accordingly. Most of your local business will be driven from the Central and east side of town. Personally, I feel John Young Parkway can be considered the prime meridian. Due to the growing needs of online customers worldwide, the need for a good website design is important to attract them so as to expand the business growth from an organisation’s point of view. Designing a good website gains importance as people are interested in user-friendly websites that offer products and services they require. The websites should be created in such a way that users should be able to revisit them time and again. This not only increases marketing capacity of a website but also increases its return on investment (ROI) depending upon the number of back links it receives.

Any website that is being designed needs to be included with some mandatory pages along with the features of an organisation. Such pages include provision for accepting valuable feedbacks from people who visit and avail the services of a website. The sole objective is to improve the design and development of websites further according to the latest trends in the market. Dedicate a web page for “Contact Us” as it is vital for creating a proper rapport between the owners and clients. This should include details such as the email address, phone number, fax and company’s mailing address.

The design of a website that is good in all aspects not only means that it is being created with advanced tools and applications but also leaving behind the contents that are not required. This saves a lot of time and manpower utilised while designing. One needs to remember always that the more simple a website is that quickly a website can load itself. Inclusion of graphics heavily not only slows down but also proves to be a big turn off for a majority of the people. The colour combination should be perfect regarding the text. In general, dark letters against the backdrop of a light colour background will be exemplary.

Apart from the aspects mentioned above, a good website can be termed as perfect only when it meets the requirements of the goals and objectives of an organisation. For example, a larger organisation with so many departments to manage, needs to have a website that has got more number of web pages with the content provided in a simple process. However, websites meant for recreation and gaming need to have more flashy content to attract users. While creating any website, one should not overlook the kind of terminology to be used that is free from grammatical errors and incorrect spellings.

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