Mon. May 23rd, 2022

Relay Rides is a company that offers a service called car sharing, which is a great service for vehicle owners and vehicle renters alike.The way that it works is that someone who has a vehicle that they are not using and don’t plan to use for a certain period of time can rent it out to someone who is Boston Limo Car Service interested in renting that particular vehicle. This helps vehicle owners make a few extra dollars off of their property which would otherwise just be occupying space but it also helps those who need a rental vehicle be able to get one for less than if they were to go to a regular rental center. With Relay Rides, users can shop online for their rental or post their vehicle in the online selections and be guaranteed an easy and safe transaction through Relay Rides’ one million dollar insurance policy.

The new partnership with GM is going to make this already convenient service more convenient than ever before. Usually the Relay Rides service would have to install a special device in any rentable vehicles so that those vehicles could be accessed by the people renting them. But GM is now going to start allowing Relay Rides to use the OnStar technology in GM vehicles which are already equipped with OnStar to allow renters access to the vehicles. Customers will even be able to access OnStar equipped GM vehicles with their cell phones!

“We’re using technology to make both our older and newest models carshare ready and available for those owners who choose to participate in carsharing. Our goal is to find ways to broaden our customer reach, reduce traffic congestion in America’s largest cities and address urban mobility concerns,” says the GM vice chairman, Stephen Girsky.

It’s amazing that the Relay Rides service has already gained so much momentum that a major automobile company like GM is planning to partner with them, especially since Relay Rides was only founded last year. Unfortunately for us here in Charlotte, Relay Rides is currently only available to consumers in the Boston and San Francisco areas, however they are working quickly to get their services expanded to reach consumers across the U.S., and this new partnership with GM is likely to help them along with that goal.

“RelayRides has always worked toward providing the safest, most advanced, peer-to-peer carsharing marketplace, where neighbors can help out one another by making their frequently unused car available to those who live nearby. With the new GM relationship, RelayRides can leverage the OnStar technology to make carsharing even more convenient, with nothing more than a mobile app. Carsharing has never been easier,” says the Chief Executive Officer of Relay Rides, Andre Haddad.

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