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Have you used orthotics before? The answer is yes; in all likelihood you have used a form of it before in your life. Whether you had sustained an injury resulting in a sprain or worse, a fracture, or you have a continuing physical handicap that limits your mobility, you probably have used or currently use a brace of some kind. That brace is a method of treatment that comes from a form of medicine called orthotics.

Orthotists are medical professionals that specialize in this type of care. Depending on each individual case, their tools can be used to improve the current situation of the patient, for example, to allow a previously physically handicapped person more mobility. This does not promise the complete mobility, as someone without a handicap would have; however, it does permit the individual to have more freedom of movement. Another use of orthotics is to help heal an injury. For an ankle sprain, a foot brace would allow movement disability placard while isolating the ankle so that it does not move in an angle that would create more tension and damage the area further.

But it does not end there; this form of care can be used for more than just improving the lives of people. It can be used in sports to give athletes an advantage by allowing them to have complete control over their movement. That same foot brace can be made into a sleeker version so that the athlete can run and jump with more accuracy and speed. You could say that orthotics helps people reach a higher form of movement while protecting them from harm.

The more impressive use of this medicine though, is actually when the patient has a deformity in their skeletal structure. Sometimes it can be that their bone structure is too thin and brittle or that it grew into an awkward form and needs to be corrected. A brace would help the brittle skeletal system by having everything supported and letting the bones grow naturally until there is no need for the brace anymore. The skeletal system that grew awkwardly could be brought back to a correct alignment by using a brace, much like a retainer helping teeth that are out of place.

Adjust Lot Size Mix to Meet Current Market Demands – The radical economic shift of the last two years has inevitably adjusted consumer profiles which has ultimately affected consumer demand. In many markets and sub-markets affordability has become the primary objective which could dictate a more efficient product and lot size. In other markets demand for new or underserved product types such as multi-family townhomes, lofts or even custom home-sites may now be the primary objective. The ability to adjust the lot sizes in a platted and engineered or semi-finished community will allow more flexibility and product offerings that could lead to better absorption and result in better project returns.

Adjust Project Density to Contain Infrastructure Costs – Along with the current economic conditions have come inevitably lower margins on housing products and projects overall. As discussed, as sales prices and margins declined over the last several years, infrastructure costs have become an over-proportionate share of the total cost to complete a home.

Allowing an increase in project density to spread these costs over more homes could make profit margins acceptable and jumpstart a stalled project. However, it is likely that in return a builder or developer will have to provide concessions to the governing authority which may include; additional open space; commercial land; land for public facilities such as police and fire stations, libraries and schools and; additional project or community amenities.

Today’s economy has provided an unprecedented cooperative environment for developers and builders to work together with municipalities in bringing projects to fruition. Both builder and developer alike should take advantage of this open forum today as it is likely to disappear once conditions improve. Additionally, by taking some of these relatively simple steps and asking the right questions, one can turn a marginal project into a very profitable one.

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