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Writing essays about your family, name, and other personal information is a part of your academic life. You have come a long distance, now you will need to write about the journey that led to your identity.

Students who are applying to college or majoring on specific courses often submit self-identity essays. Look no further if you’re interested in learning how one is written.
What is a self identity essay?

A self-identity essay describes the writer physically, emotionally, and psychologically to his or her readers.

Simply put, a self identity essay describes who you really are. To begin, you need to discover what it’s like to write such a paper. It is usually an analytical narrative about your life that covers where you are now and where you want to go.
Self-Identity Essay Structure

Write about identity and how it relates with your life. Personal experiences and real-life examples are good options. It is possible to also include statistical data and examples drawn from literature.

Here is a outline of identity essay paper

Introduction of a self-indetity document

As with most writing, your self-identity essay should begin with an overview of the topic. You can tell a story about your life. You can pose a question, or draw an analogy. Take this example:

I didn’t realize in my youth that being whole meant possessing a complete sense self-identity. Yes, I had limited knowledge about my body and emotions. I have the ability to control everything in my life. My adolescence was spent flying with the winds, and I didn’t know how to control my emotions. This is a stark contrast to what I’m now.

Statement on Self Identity

The thesis statement is the last sentence of your introduction. This statement is what piques the curiosity of the reader. It is also the main idea of the paper. As is often the case with these statements, your essay will be built around them.

You can create a strong thesis by identifying the topic of the essay and making an assertion about that subject. This is an example of a strong thesis statement:

“It is starkly different from what I am today.”

Here is the conclusion. The statement makes the reader want to know more about you, your life and the changes that have occurred over time. In a nutshell: the thesis statement guides you through your entire writing process.


The body of self-identity essay basically talks about your name and family. They don’t have be presented in any particular order. However, they must flow. You can use transition clauses, to bring them together and also reflect on the thesis.

The contents of each paragraph are usually stated in the first sentence. Use a strong opening sentence to introduce your readers and then dive into the content in the next sentences. You can be creative to keep your readers interested.


Although this section will be your last submission on the topic of self-identity, it is the best place to talk about your future aspirations. Your audience should know where you are going in ten or more years.

This is not a speech so avoid using phrases that refer back to a conclusion.

After you have finished reading this section, you are now ready to start writing your story. Keep to the format we’ve given you and you won’t be disappointed.
Structure of Self Identity Essay

The three main points of a self-identity essay are:

Your Name

Our names represent the core of how society sees us. For a moment, consider your name. What does your name mean to you? Tell us any hidden stories about your name. It is best to tell a story and ask a question. Then draw a comparison, if possible. Tell your audience if your name has inspired and influenced you.

Your Family

What are your relationships with your family members and who makes up your family? What have you learned from them over the years? Who has had the greatest influence on your view of the world? Everyone has a family story.

Your Identity

Your life is what you should be writing about. What helps you to see the person you see in the mirror? Share your relationships with family and friends. You can bring out the best in yourself, your growth and personal development from childhood onwards.

Discuss your convictions and beliefs on various issues. This is the best place to think about yourself, what you’ve been through, and how it has influenced your life. You can then justify your thesis statement.

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