Mon. May 23rd, 2022

For one reason or another, it seems that the United Kingdom is the training ground for the most diabolical seizures of government power that a people will withstand. Cameras everywhere, guns not allowed to be held by private citizens, police officers actually waterboarding drug suspects, and now a mass seizure of private vaults by the state have made watching news from England a most disturbing experience.

In the latest raid, the government seized over 7,000 safety deposit boxes owned by private citizens and have declared that 90% of them were being used in crimes ASSOCIATE HEALTH CHECK HOME DEPOT . In fact, each box itself is treated as a separate crime scene by the UK police, and anyone who wants to get their belongings back will have to prove to the state that the contents were not involved in the commission of any crime.

Because the fact that proving a negative is impossible, most of the people who owned private vaults will end up losing the contents and be just that much poorer while the state gets that much richer from its theft ASSOCIATE HOME DEPOT HEALTH CHECK . The government is claiming the right to seize a private person’s assets on the belief that they may be criminal assets and then the individual has to prove that they are not criminal assets in order to have a chance to get them back.

The police in the United States have similar powers under state forfeiture laws, where they are able to confiscate the money, car, home, and other assets of suspected drug offenders. It is then up to the people arrested to mount a legal case (without the use of their assets) in order to get their private property back from the state. It is ludicrous and criminal to take someone’s resources, then force them to prove in front of a judge working for the same gang that stole the assets that they should have them back.

Will the state eventually come for people’s private property in their homes and their safe deposit boxes, as well? If the government really needs cash to keep funding its operations, welfare programs, security institutions, and taxing agencies, what is keeping it from invading homes, declaring any asset to be a likely criminal asset, and then just confiscating it and keeping it indefinitely?

At least in the UK right now, the state is claiming this right and sending in cops who do not know any better to steal from people. Mark Nestmann’s blog does a great job explaining how difficult it will be for the average person to get property back once it is taken by the state. In the most basic terms, whatever the government takes, you should never expect to get it back.

Does the increasingly smaller group of people who still have jobs and incomes and assets really need to live in fear of being preyed upon by the government that is supposedly providing them services? More parking tickets, speeding tickets, fines, fees, warrant “roundups,” forfeiture laws, and now direct invasions of private vaults and safe deposit boxes are becoming increasingly common.

But in a country that routinely needs to come up with hundreds of billions, if not trillions, of dollars to bail out banks and corporations, it should be no surprise that the people will be targeted. It matters little that they are also running out of money, looking at potential unemployment or shutting the doors of their businesses, or being foreclosed upon. All that matters is the state keeps up its welfare payments and maintains its ability to use force.

Will blanket raids of private vaults for no reason make an appearance in the United States? To ask that question is probably to answer it. And for those who believe that they are innocent of owning any assets that were ever involved in criminal activity, it bears mentioning that 95% of all currency in circulation is tainted by residues of drug use. Do you have any cash on you at all? You’re 90% guilty of a drug offense.

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