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We tested the online Big Bang slot. In this review you can read all about this slot machine from Netent, which is all about the multiplier.

Bang is a dead simple straightforward slot machine from that game developer. That is sometimes different,with slots from this game maker. 

The only thing that matters with Big Bang is: score the highest possible multiplier. In addition, we succeeded very nicely. Read more!.

The Best Review of Big Bang Slot

As we said, Big Bang is a dead simple ending. No bells, no whistles. You have ten symbols plus a joker. That’s it.

1. How The Big Bang Works?

Five symbols are planets (because: ‘big bang’). From high to low: a red planet, a yellow, a green, a purple and a blue. The other half consists of the standard symbols A, K, Q, J and 10.

In addition, there is a joker. An important symbol on this lock. However, the most important thing about the Big Bang is the multiplier.

On the left side of your screen, you’ll see the multiplier meter. It runs from multiplier x1 to – and now it comes – a multiplier of (roffel roffel) x32.

Every time you score a winning combination, your multiplier goes up in the air on the left. After your first winning spin, step up to a multiplier of x2.

If the next spin is also winning, the multiplier will be x4. That continues until you reach the multiplier of x32 after five winning spins in a row.

Then, it’s party time! The multiplier of x32 remains as long as you spin winning spins.

If you have no prize for a spin, the multiplier disappears and you start at the bottom again.

To be clear: you don’t get a free spin after a winning spin. Every spin you have to pay your bet again. In that respect, this slot is different from many other slots with multipliers, such as Fruitoids.

This is all Big Bang has to offer. There are no more features. Is that enough for an exciting gamble? Hm….

2. The Results from The Game

Now, we are going to tell you what happened after we played 1000 spins in that game. 

  • Total result after 1000 spins at $0,25: $99,33 profit
  • Five biggest winnings: $48,- / $32,64 / $29,44 / $29,12 / $14,40
  • How often the multiplier of x32: 11 times
  • How often the multiplier of x16: 25 times
  • According to Netent, the payout percentage (RTP) of Big Bang is: 96.0%

In conclusion, Despite the big win on Big Bang slot, we were left with a bit of doubt. There is very little happening on this lock. It’s waiting until you win a few prizes in a row and hopla, the next big win jumps on your screen.

If you like a slot, which is simply a slot machine and nothing more but nothing less, and you want to be able to win a decent prize in just one spin, the Big Bang is a slot for you.

However,it is kind of boring! We prefer to play judi online that offers many games with big winning outcomes. 

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