Fri. May 27th, 2022

If you looked at the most prominent job searching website in your region you would find that different industries mean different things when they use the word project manager. For our purposes, we are going to talk about a typical project manager within the software development industry. By no means is this an exhaustive treatment of their duties and chances are good that no single person in a company would undertake all the tasks described here.

Before we can say what a project manager does, we should first take some time to define what a project actually is. We know that a project is often a novel undertaking, an attempt to create or achieve something which hasn’t been done before (hence why projects are inherently risky PMP certification ). The other identifying features of a project include; they have a deadline, a set budget, and a beginning and end point.

A project can be broken into a number of components; design, programming, project management, quality control, etc. These are just the titles I use, but they do have direct parallels with traditional waterfall model stages (e.g. programming = implementation, quality control = testing, etc). For simplicity, I usually roll requirements gathering and system analysis into the project management component.

I tend to refer to components rather then phases or stages. The reason for this is because it’s limiting to try and force a software development project into a series of linear steps. It just doesn’t turn out that way because there is so much iteration and overlap between stages (e.g. project management is a process that occurs the whole way through a project).

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